Monday, September 18, 2006

A shout out to our peeps on the East Side!

She went away to Florida for a few year stint
Oh how I wish she was here for File and Print
And sushi and starbuks and pork-filled buns
With lots and lots of giggling fun

Although we do miss you so
Your new adventure will pay off (one bright side - no snow!)
And before you know it we'll see you again
But stay in touch until then!

We love you!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

End users,,,,

This guy calles the helpdesk. "I can't take off my hat!!" he exclaimes.

"Turn off your CAPSLOCK" replies the technician.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Food for thought..

The most feared and respected Math Professor at the university was waiting at his desk, student teacher by his side. Three students were waiting out in the hall, about to enter his office. Each was going to plead his or her case as to why they had not been able to turn in their final exam on time. If the professor did not accept the excuse, they will fail the course.

The first student entered. "Well?" boomed the professor. "Why was your theorem not turned in on time?"

"Well," croaked the student, "I had to take my mother to the hospital."

"If you can have the doctor fax her medical papers to my office in the next fifteen minutes, I may consider your paper..."

The second student entered, hair frazzled and wearing yesterday's clothes. The professor again boomed out the question.

"I had a power surge hit my house, which wiped out my hard drive. I had to stay up all night re-typing it..." explained the student.

"If you can get the power company to fax me the outage details within the next fifteen minutes, I may consider your paper.

The third student entered, covered in food. The professor again asked why the theorem was late. The student plopped down a cafeteria tray full of chocolate, in which a corner of what looked to be paper poked out. "I got caught in the middle of a horrible fo..."

The Professor held out his hand. "Enough!" He reached down, scooped up some of the chocolate, and tasted it. "You may leave. Your paper will be accepted."

The student teacher turned to the Professor. "But sir, why did you not ask the last student to explain himself??"

"He does not have to vouch for anything” replied the Professor. "The Proof is in the pudding."