Friday, February 08, 2008

April 18th?? Must have been a mental i mean dental dam...

Oops, heh - kinda forgot about this. Too bad you have missed out on months of really bad one's. This will hopefully make up for it..

A man in his thirty's has been going to his dentist for a while now, and is very proud of the fact that he has never had a cavity. So, he gets to be a member of the No Cavity Club, and each member has a sign up on the wall for all to see.

After his checkup (and again no cavities) he visits the wall, but his sing has been removed. He query's the front desk, and they find it in a drawer. "Sorry about that, not sure why it was taken down". It was placed back up on the wall.

Six months go by, yet another cavity-free checkup, and again his sign was missing. Again, in the drawer, apologies, the sign goes back up.

Six months later, he gets another cavity-free checkup, and again, no sign. He starts to get upset when again, the sign is in the drawer.

"For crying out loud!" he shouts. "How is any one supposed to know I am in the Cavity Free Club, if each time I come in, your entire office seems hell-bent on removing my plaque!"